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all my work and me
I play football for the wallingford vikings
i believe that rollar coasters r fun to go on because they give u a chill down ur spine
i lisson to classic rock because i think that all the music people lisson to today is pointless
i like to eat cheeseburgers because they taste good
i want to at planet hollywood because they have good food
i want to be the youngest person on the moon because i want to go there and i would have a lot of money
i cant do live without my tv because i would get really bored
i want to be known for being the first person to eat a million pickleys because then i could be in the world recerds book
i would make the be gym every daybcause i like to be active156057550_54bb57bada.jpg
i want to know more about other cultures around the world because i think it is interesting to learn about other people