Convince readers what
Clara Barton has done to
save lives, and on
how she never gave up.

That there is still hope,
and there is still no need
to give up.

1 Picture of Clara Barton. [http://
1 Definition of a hero.
2 Picture of Clara Barton helping
injured soldiers. [
2 Who is Clara Barton? When/Where
was she born. What did she do in
her life and how did she succeed.
"Clara Barton was born on
December 25th, 1821; Oxford,
Massachusetts with the full name
is Clarissa Hawlowe Barton."
3 Caring for the injured. [http://www.]
3 How did Clara Barton use
caring as an act.
"She helped the soldiers go
through their misery. She fed
them, read to them, and kept
their hopes up."
4 Civil War Support [http://www.uab.
4 How did Clara Barton use support
to help others.
"When the Red Cross first open
she helped support people so
the organization can grow
large and help more people. She also
supported the soldiers telling them
that they will win."
5 Speaking your mind [
5 How did Clara Barton speak her
mind to help the organization.
"She spoke her mind by doing
what she thought was right,
which then led her to opening
the Red Cross."
6 Bandaging the Injured [http://www.
6 Civil War
"During the Civil War, Clara
yearned to help others, so
instead of becoming a soldier,
she became a nurse. She
helped 30,000 injured soldiers."
7 Red Cross picture. [http://nashua.
7 American Red Cross
"The American Red Cross was
established in 1881, when Clara
was 60. She ran it for the next
23 years of her life. And the
American Red Cross is still
8 Red Cross [http://monarchgarden
8 The Red Cross today
"The Red Cross today is stronger,
and has more people to help. To me,
it was as if Clara Barton did this as
if she knew she was going to be able
to help others even after she had died.
I have noticed that throughout the years, without
Clara Barton, there would be no Red Cross, and
no one would be able to help one another without
pretending that they needed to sacrifice
9 Women marching [http://contending
9 A kind of a person that would
disagree with Clara Barton.
"Most men would doubt woman for their talents.
Especially men from the 1800's since women
never really had the right to do anything. Not even
have freedom! Some women may even doubt her
because they wouldn't think that what Clara is
doing is a very womanly act, upon what most
woman would have done back then. With this
situation occuring, my hero would most likely
pretend that none of this had happened and move
on. She would ignore the threats and cruel
comments being said to her, knowing that they
aren't true. Also knowing that she can still change
the world if she tried."
10 Clara Barton's grave site [http://clara
10 How and when did Clara die.