Silencing You Creative Monster
By: Sara Martin

Setting- basement in house--So it will be dungeon in Castle
2) Im a slave girl who is drawing in the middle of the night because the master of the castle- a mean old witch, wont let me do anything because im a slave
3) By candle-light, i draw a picture of the family i miss and they look like cirlces with sticks coming out of them
4) The witch takes me and throws me in the tiny little room and tells me i am the worst drawer she has even seen and i should never draw again
5) She locks the door and i escape and melt her!
Once upon a time in a castle far far away the Master of the Castle, a mean old witch named Elfaby, took control of little magic girls. She treated them poorly, insulted them, and made them feel terrible. Elfaby made them all stay in the dungeon all day without anything to expand their creativity. In the middle of the night, one girl named Lily Ronan snuck out of the dungeon to try to escape the terrible rules of Elfaby. One night she actually made it out of them room but was caught and threw into a very tiny room by herself to live the rest of her life. She was only 6 years old at the time.

Crying herself to sleep one night, Lily heard a strange noise outside the little door that led into her tiny room. A small mouse possibly? Maybe the witch Elfaby coming to put her back in the room with all the other girls? Is Elfaby coming to kill her? Many possiblilities swarmed little Lilys head. Scared out of her mind, bravery took control of her. "Who's there?" she asks. No reply. Hmmm she thinks. Maybe it was just the wind? Just them the door opens just a crack. Light fills the room like lightning in the darkness of night. Lily crawls to the door and opens the door fully. It takes a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light, when she finally realized it was one of the girls with a candle. Fearing for the sake of the girl, Lily tells her to go away before she gets in trouble. She cannot recognise the girl in the light that has become dim, but she sees the girl give Lily a pack of crayons, paper, and the candle. The girl then closes the door and leaves Lily in complete confusion.

Lily takes the paper and crayons in her hand like they are the most fragile thing in the world. Since it had been so long since Lily had used magic, she tries to remember something to make the light become brighter but nothing comes to mind. Setting the candle down, Lily opens the pack of crayons and set them beside the paper. Excitment fills Lily and she draws what comes to mind. First, she draws a picture of her family she misses so much. Though since she is only 6, they look like circles with sticks coming out of them. (Draw a picture here). Then she started to draw flowers that look like stick people and birds that look like blue balls in the sky. Finished with her drawing, she examines it and she thinks it's the most beautiful thing she has seen in the world.