THe First African American to do Open Heart Surgery.

My person is dr.daniel hale williams he was the first african american person to do open heart surgery
It dosent matter who you are to do great things

dr daninel hale willamews

The mean and cruel way African Americans Were Treated
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early childhood
When Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was only nine years old his father had died and he and his mother was unable to provide for all the children on her own, so she moved her family to Baltimore, Maryland to stay with family.
teen age life
Daniel went to Hare's Classical Academy and he graduated in 1877.ONe day when he was working in the barber, he met Dr. Henry Palmer, a leading surgeon,Dr. Palmer took Daniel on as a medical apprentice as long at to outher people.
life as an apprentice
Dr.Plamer helped the three of them apply for admission at the top ten medical schools, like Chicago Medical School, which was affiliated with Northwestern University. He was accepted and began his studies in 1880.

Dr. Williams began to practice surgery and medicine at the South Side Dispensary. At the same time, he held a position at Northwest University, as an instructor of anatomy.
Open Heart sugery
Two years later, in 1893, a young man named James Cornish was rushed to Provident Hospital with a stab wound to the chest. At this time docoters did not have x-ray misheans and they were on sure what to do for james cornich.
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In the opperrating room
James Cornish's pulse was getting weaker and weaker and he started to go into shock, which are signs of internal bleeding.He had went into shock and lost a lot of blood So in the opperating rooom Dr. Wiliams had to make the disition to open him up to see what was going on in side befor Cornish blead to death. They found a pierced blood vessel and a tear to tissue the tissue around the heart.Dr. Williams sewed up dolth of these injuries to stop the bleeding. James Cornish survived the operation.
after the open heart sugrey for james
James Cornish lived for another 20 pluse years healthy with doctor willames remarkebal open heart suger.
arter open heart sugery for dr willams
He opened up the first Afican American medical organization.he contine with teaching along with his surery at vaious chicago hospitals.
Publy skepaing
He was often invited to publidy speak across the country aboout publiuc health care for Afican americans .he encouraged afican americans to open hospitals thoruout cities
high hounros
He Received many honors for all of his great achevements and accompishments in the medical feild. He was the first african american doctor named as a felllow in the american collega of sugons and is one of the great surgeons and is reckonised today a a true hero.